The Breakthrough: The Race for the Superconductor

The Breakthrough: The Race for the Superconductor (Summit, 1988; softcover by Ballantine, 1990) describes the intense competition in early 1987 to discover superconductors that work at practical temperatures. The book appeared onThe Washington Post nonfiction top-10 bestsellers list.

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"Hazen writes with wonderful clarity about science. ... The Breakthroughremains in the best tradition of popular science writing. It's an exciting read that effortlessly teaches as it zips along." Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times 

"A lively, pungent description of life in the laboratory. ... There are not many books about science that read so well." Philip J. Hilts, The Washington Post

"The Breakthrough is an enthralling account of leading edge science being carried out at breakneck speed, leading up to a tense climax." Robert Matthews, The Times, London

"Part diary, part cliffhanger, Hazen's book brings home the thoroughly human side of science - the high-pitched emotion, clashing egos and occasional betrayals. ... deftly woven with scientific details, The Breakthrough is itself a kind of breakthrough." David Stipp, The Wall Street Journal

"Class A popular science writing." Booklist

"An exhilarating account of one of the most exciting technological developments of the century." Kirkus Reviews

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