Robert M. Hazen | Geophysical Laboratory

Deep Carbon Observatory

The primary mission of the DCO is to promote the transformational understanding of the chemical and biological roles of carbon in Earth's interior related to reservoirs and fluxes, deep biology, and deep organic synthesis.  Important aspects of this mission include:

  • The fostering of international cooperation in addressing global-scale questions, including the nature and extent of deep microbial life, the fluxes of carbon dioxide from the world's volcanoes, and the distribution and characteristics of deep hydrocarbon reservoirs. 
  • Engagement of the industrial community, especially regarding access to deep drill cores and carbon-bearing samples.
  • The development and worldwide distribution of new high-temperature-pressure devices, analytical apparatus, and theoretical approaches for studying carbon in living and abiotic systems at extreme conditions.
  • Providing an international forum and clearinghouse for new data and publications related to carbon cycles on Earth and other planets.

You can learn more about the Deep Carbon Observatory at its website.